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About 5 Carrots

Targeted Marketing

Strategic Alignments

5 Carrots has over 20 years experience working in the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Food Industries and has a very large and diverse network.


5 Carrots selectively works with brands that are organic & plant-based, are socially and environmentally conscious and have a meaningful story to tell.  We also align with organizations, productions and businesses that are on a mission to raise consciousness, awareness, and make a positive impact on the planet.  


Through lifestyle marketing and branding and creative unique campaigns, 5 Carrots gets the word out.  

Meet The Team

What are others saying about 5 Carrots?

"I can’t express enough how amazing 5 Carrots has been. I receive so many gift bags containing products, which I simply have no use for. It is very refreshing to receive an Eco Organic Gift Bag full of products that are organic and healthy for the mind and body. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with 5 Carrots.  My clients and I are continuously overwhelmed by their generosity. Thank you for such awesome products!" -Entertainment Publicist, Marleah Leslie

"It is a treasure to work with 5 Carrots.   A highly professional and knowledgeable team that cares about your event and the delicious and important food(s) that they are sharing with you. Myself and my team have never eaten so well while during a production." -Breven Angaelica Warren, Big Bear International Film Festival

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